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Spent nearly a decade in professional sports on the media side (around/behind the camera) with the PGA TOUR as an Associate Producer, producing features that aired on national TV, the major broadcasts such as NBC, ABC, CBS and ESPN. Since then, I have honed my photography + marketing/copywriting skills working with Amazon on the digital side of marketing. 


Recently, I decided to use my talents in my own community, building a small business in Real Estate Photography + Marketing here in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Florida. 


We take warm, high resolution FLASH photos with a Wide Lens that truly represent and showcase each unique home. We also produce quality copywriting + 2.7K AERIAL VIDEOS (NOW AVAILABLE) as part of the marketing/photography plan. Drone Aerial photography/video helps sell a home 68% faster than those without according to The Close. 


The goal, to quickly draw a buyers' attention quickly so they find it so interesting and want to buy the home and envision themselves in that home, relaxing on the sunny porch.


And that's what JAX HOME BEAUTIES does, Real Estate Photography + AERIAL VIDEO + Marketing.  

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